Online blackjack with relatively easy to remember rules should always be the first choice of many different players. To be able to win as much as possible and bring a good result the player needs to go through a fairly long process.

However, to shorten this time, you need to read through many tips and share to be able to quickly play better. And the following article will guide players on ways to increase the chance of winning when playing Blackjack.

Avoid The First Seat On The Left of the dealer

For those who do not have much experience in playing, the ability to judge the situation and handle it is not fast, so avoid the first seat next to the house. The reason for the round will be split from left to right, i.e. counterclockwise. If sitting in that position you will be the first to make decisions to call cards, all in, insurance bets, etc. This is really difficult for beginners to play.
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Try To Keep A Good Mentality When Playing Blackjack Online

When playing Blackjack, psychological factors are one of the really important things that you need to pay attention to. Please decide to play when psychologically comfortable, because Blackjack requires the decisions made really accurate.

Having the best state of decisions about betting, about calling or stopping cards will be really accurate. On the contrary, when you are having psychological problems, frowning and angry, it is best not to play Blackjack because you are very likely to face the situation of losing by the emotional decisions and lack of light throughout. Psychology is very important when playing Blackjack, it is a key factor to lead to your victory. Please keep your mind clear so you can make accurate judgments and reasonable decisions to easily win huge prizes!


You Need To Use Double Bets In Time

Double bets are a form of bet to increase the original stake up to 2 times. However, when should you use this feature? Normally, many experienced players will choose this bet when they have a total of 10 points and draw another card. Of course, there are not always 10 points with double bets, it applies to each case as well.

You should think carefully and make the right decision when making double bets, when is the right time to be able to win and bring the highest amount of bonuses. Players who have a lot of experience then choose this bet type, because newbies will easily lose a large amount of money if you do not know the right decision when betting at online casino Singapore.

In addition, splitting is also one of the tips when playing blackjack online. Splitting  is the case in which a player is allowed to split his or her cards into two different and separate hands when the player owns a pair, that is, the two cards are the same. When choosing the right to split the player will also have to bet extra money because now you have 2 hands already.

However, not every pair of cards are decided to split up. Because if there are pair of 9 and pair of 10, you still split up, that's a stupid decision. At that time, your score is close to 21 and you have a very high chance of winning, so decide to split in the most reasonable way to bring about high efficiency.

You Should Stop In Time

The point that you should not draw more cards is when you have a total score between 17 and 20. If you draw more cards, it is an option that contains extremely high risk. Because at that time, your total points are likely to become greater than 21. While the score of 17 - 20 is a safe and high level, the chances of winning now are very high, so what else do you draw?

Place Your Bet With The Suitable Amount

An extremely important tip for online Blackjack players is that you must bet the amount in accordance with your existing capital and budget. Do not start the game with a big bet, if you fail, you will be lost a big amount. This is not a good way.

You should consider making a bet for the games before playing, and also should give how much you play today to set a limit for yourself. In other words, set up a detailed financial plan before taking a bet. Don't be too greedy or try to play Blackjack online, become an intelligent player who knows the right time to stop.

Besides, you should start the game with the lowest and minimum amounts. Remember, it’s not the bigger you bet, the more you can win. It is also required by many factors. Be very wary of betting on progress in the game and managing your budget well.

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Tips to count good cards when playing

This strategy applies to experienced people, while new players should practice the ability to observe the game with the cards face up, to be able to count cards better. Counting cards is a way for you to make your decision easier and increase your chances of winning.


We hope that the information we mention in this article will help you to conquer Blackjack easily, shorten the time to be able to accumulate your experience. Hopefully you will be able to bring home huge prizes at the online Blackjack . Good luck.