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Identify Gambling Problems

Players now have a variety of fun ways to entertain themselves and gambling is the most commonly used. There are many types of betting, sports betting, slot machines or casino games.

At first glance betting is a useful form of entertainment. However, if the player is not in control, casino betting unintentionally turns into an obsession and has serious consequences, whether online or offline. People with problems in betting often urge themselves to bet continuously. Some departments cannot control the desire to gamble and cannot stop participating in casino betting.

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Some of the signs indicate that a player has a problem gambling

There are many ways of knowing what a player is and who cannot manage himself. Here are some common symptoms of a person having a betting problem:

  • There is no sign of stopping in betting. Players gamble and stop only when there is no longer the ability to pay for bets.

  • Spend more time and money gambling than other jobs.

  • Gambling is not open to everyone and even lies to everyone around about the bet amount.

  • Debate, quarrel with people about gambling.

  • Except gambling no longer enjoys other activities.

  • Neglect, disinterest in work and surroundings.

  • Continually lose money in gambling and think that gambling wins to help yourself get out of the financial problem.

  • Borrowing money to play betting.

  • Often depressed, irritable, mentally unstable.

Prevent and manage gambling problems

  • Track your spending

Players should keep a record of the time spent and how much money the player spends right from the start of betting. Nowadays, there are many apps as well as websites that help users track their spending and the amount of money in their account. If using the user will know the amount won or lost in a specified amount of time.

For some players with a long experience in betting. They will create multiple accounts for each different bookmaker. This action has both strengths and weaknesses, players both know a lot of information from the different betting markets, have attractive odds and some services needed for a betting match, .. .

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Spending is always a difficult issue to control, let alone gambling. Players should create their own diary, update, record their betting activity and the profits or losses brought on by the bets. It is the responsibility of the bettor to set the limit on the frequency of their bets as well as the amount of bets and the timing of their own bets. This good habit will help players maintain the long bet and comfortably enjoy the best betting advantage.

  • Sending time

Players can use betting services through customers and use online money management tools. This gives players plenty of time to rest and has a fixed investment in long-term bets. During the break a player's account should be suspended, with no marketing from the operator and notice of receiving or sending money services. When you want to take part in betting, please reactivate.

  • Self-Exclusions

Players should know their own betting limits and exclude themselves from online gambling sites and casinos when necessary. Most casino companies now have their own opt-out agreement facility and register through multiple operator management information to other gambling platforms.

Players only need to provide personal information and the dealer will not send invitations or betting advertisements to players during that period. At the same time, players will not be allowed to open another account to play while preventing themselves from betting.

  • Set a deposit limit

One option that all betting sites have is the deposit limit on the betting site they are participating in. There will be specific times to send money daily, weekly and monthly.

Statistics show that with a deposit limit, gambling problem is significantly reduced and bettors have a decision about how much they will bet before entering the game.

The player's stake limit will not be overwritten. This means that players want to reduce their stake at any time and when they want to increase they have to wait within 24 hours for the required processing. During that time the player may rethink whether to increase the stake or not, thus reducing one loss bet.

  • Litmit transactions throught banks

Another good way to use for those who cannot control themselves in gambling is to limit banking. Customers can choose to block all transactions for all their accounts including credit cards. Thus, the operator and the dealer will limit the supply of betting games and players will limit the betting.

Players need to contact their bank directly to use these facilities when participating in betting. Note that each bank will have different working methods and conditions if players want to limit transactions in gambling. During the blockage period, if the player still attempts to bet and use a credit or debit card. The bank recognizes the activity as a bet and then the player is immediately blocked. 

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Online bettors should remember that technology is made to help players and help players protect themselves from tempting betting. Players participating in betting online or offline need to have self control and protect themselves against bets. Avoid capital losses or carry debt just because of participating in betting. provides players with some useful information to help players limit themselves and use bets properly. Our betting system is a reputable, quality, and quality betting system. Players are free to join and there is no need to worry about excessive loss of control in betting.